Solar Thermal System

Solar Thermal Systems

URE is committed to our clients’ satisfaction with their solar thermal systems from our initial contact. We fully encourage a site assessment prior to any planning or pricing of a system. Our commitment to careful planning, attention to the smallest details during installation, and using the highest quality materials and collectors affordable within your budget, has fueled our reputation for quality and job satisfaction amongst our clients and we promise the same for your installation. Whether you are a residence, rental property, small business or major corporate or government center, your project is never too big or too difficult for our team.

Solar Thermal advantages

  • Although higher in cost than a traditional heater, they have the shortest payback period of all renewable energy generators which translates to free hot water-heating as production/usage offset savings surpass the initial investment cost.
  • Long life span. Systems will last 15-40 years with proper maintenance matching that of the best conventional heating systems.
  • Collection panels are modular which allows them to be connected in various configurations.
  • Mounting options and locations are very similar.
  • If configured properly, they can also be used in conjunction with radiant space heating systems.
  • Multiple system configurations for different climates and different usage applications.

Other considerations

  • Most Solar Thermal system designs require a conventionally fueled back up system to compensate for those periods of time which lack sun.
  • Collection panels can be large in size, commonly 4’x8′ or 4’x10′ each. Placement of the panels will require consideration of sufficient area and structural support.

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